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Rainbow Moonstone

TOUR OF MY JEWELLERY BOX 💍 Confessions of a crystal addict! 💎

I absolutely love gemstones and crystals, not only for their beauty but their healing properties. I thought I would give some insight into which crystals are good for particular ailments through a tour of my jewellery box!

Rainbow Moonstone 🌈

Gets its name as it has an optical effect called chatoyancy that means even though it’s white it flashes the colours of the rainbow!

Moonstone is AMAZING for women’s health issues and fertility. It helps pregnant women in pregnancy and childbirth, regulates the menstrual cycle, helps PMS and period pains (used to swear by it for mine when they were awful pre-baby, they’ve settled down now!). It helps soothe the emotions and help you feel more confident, in control and calm. You can see why it’s perfect for labour!

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