'I absolutely loved our Hypnobirthing course with Sophie. We both felt so comfortable from the minute we started and my husband enjoyed the course just as much as me, which was a surprise!


Sophie put all my worries at ease and I felt like I could ask any question no matter how silly I felt they were.


I felt so relaxed after each session and loved spending the time to clear our minds of any negative thoughts.

I've not stopped speaking about Hypnobirthing since we completed the course and I am so excited for the birth, a positive mindset which is definitely as a result of Hypnobirthing. Thank you so much Sophie!!'

Elle & Ben

'I just finished my Hypnobirthing private course with Sophie and cannot recommend her enough. Even though we had to do this via Skype, Sophie has kept the materials interesting and informative and I've really enjoyed the 3 sessions. Her positive attitude has really helped ease my concerns and am now really looking forward to putting the things I learned into practice for the birth of my 2nd child. Highly recommended! x'


'Would 100% recommend Sophie for hypnobirthing she is amazing and so lovely xx'


'Preparing to give birth can be daunting during normal times let alone during a global pandemic. I have been very lucky enough to have a hypnobirthing session with Sophie last weekend and it honestly changed my whole mindset on birth, I hardly spoke as I was just in awe and taking everything in!


Sophie specialises in hypnobirthing & her enthusiasm & passion really showed, she made me see the reason behind birth plans & why they are so important. I didn't even know you could have the option of your baby not being rubbed down straight after birth as the layer of vernix which babies are born with is full of benefits! I learned all about positive birth affirmations, birthing positions and most importantly breathing techniques, also how it is possible to breathe your breathe your baby out without so much pushing!

The thing I loved the most is that Sophie was very real and knew that things don't always go to plan, she didn't try to put me off pain relief at all. You can even do hypnobirthing if you are planning a c-section so it really caters for all births.

Sophie provided the most lovely pack which includes your hypnobirthing booklet with all your info to refer too, a Bounty labour pack, Emma's Diary book and a beautiful healing crystal Rose Quartz.

I honestly came away from the session feeling very motivated and empowered that I can do this & get the positive birth I so desperately want, I honestly can't recommend Sophie enough if you are wanting to try hypnobirthing, it has changed my whole mindset and really  motivated me (affirmations starting to appear all over the house lol) I am actually excited and looking forward to giving birth this time around whereas before our session I was quite anxious at the possibility of another bad experience.'

Amie Brodie

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